Mechanical engineering

During 20 years in field of mechanical engineering, Polyco has invested in modern equipment with numerous automatic welding machines so that the welds are always of the best quality to meet criteria in safety and hygiene or high pressure environments. Polyco Group has a factory located in Tu Liem industrial zone (Hanoi) with total area … Continue reading Mechanical engineering

Food Technology

According to the Vietnam Report onV1000 list, (the 1000 highest taxpayers in Vietnam in 2013),food and beverage industry ranks second place for ROE and ROA firgues and it also is inintop five of highest tax payers in Vietnam. Thus, Food Technology has played an important role in the development of the Vietnam economy. Food Industry … Continue reading Food Technology

Electricity – Automation

Electricity-automation is an indispensable part of industrial plants. With more than 20 years of working in this field, Polyco has gained a wide range of experiences;  therefore, Polyco’s factories which involve in designing, consulting and installing are always well equipped with suitable equipment. The backup systems are crucial to ensure that plants may operate continuously … Continue reading Electricity – Automation

EPC Main Contractor

  Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation (2008)/ Main Contractor of Polyco Founded in 1995, Polyco has been main contractor for over 30 projects for Vietnamese and foreign breweries. Ou rmodern technology and continuous innovation have met the most demanding customers from all over the world such as Germany, Japan, Holland. Besides modern technology, … Continue reading EPC Main Contractor