Food Technology

According to the Vietnam Report onV1000 list, (the 1000 highest taxpayers in Vietnam in 2013),food and beverage industry ranks second place for ROE and ROA firgues and it also is inintop five of highest tax payers in Vietnam. Thus, Food Technology has played an important role in the development of the Vietnam economy. Food Industry has a great position which is thanks to the catching up on technology trend and advanced technology in the world and then applying effectively in Vietnam. Success in the beverage industry, especially beer, has made a notable contribution to Polyco Group. Polyco Group has localized more than 60% of the equipment in the breweries in accordance with the modern technology of Europe, which led to the suitable investment for Vietnam economy. These thoughts, ideas and experiences led to the great success of Polyco Group. Polyco is the first group to dare to think and dare to do, pioneering in the modern science and technology of Vietnam Beverages. As a result, there are about 70% of breweries in Vietnam that Polyco Group has designed, manufactured and installed. In addition, Polyco Group has participated in the installation of milk processing plants of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company – Vinamilk or some food ethanol plants (Binh Tay Confectionery, Halico Alcohol Plant and House Halico winery and Viet Ha winery). Under the wise leadership of Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Thuan – one of the most successful scientists in applied science and technology in Vietnam, along with a staff of Food Technology specialists trained in prestigious universities with numerous practical experiences, we have the capacity and confidence to advise, design, manufacture, install and transfer technology in the field of Food Technology (such as the technology of processing fruit juices;processing technology of dairy products (rice milk, corn milk etc), processing technology of meat and meat products; preserving and processing aquatic products; preserving and processing vegetables and fruits; preserving food processing technology; sugar production technology; confectionery, tea and coffee processing technology; canned meat, fish and vegetables; technology for producing hydrolyzed amino acids from beer yeast; technology of producing enzymes, food additives). Come with Polyco Group, you will findtrust in cooperation and work.