Cooling systems

Cooling systems

Cooling systems are divided into two main types. One is a screw compressor and the other is a piston compressor. Each has different strengths and weaknesses.

With screw compressors, the machine will operate well for about 8-10 years. After this time, the cooling system needs periodic maintainance and screw replacement. Most of the machines should be replaced and the cost these is fairly high

Piston compressors are cheaper but have less durability. However, spare parts can be replaced easily with competitive costs.

Nowadays the piston machine is preferred because stratified refrigeration system is the trend of the world because it is able to operate the machine up to 10% – 25% and to provide the capacity to meet the requirements of customers. The cost of operation is also preferred by customers.

Polyco customers will be advised by our experienced professionals in the consulting industry to each project and equipment. Our customers may have for themselves a cooling system to their satisfaction.