CMC Group has worked and visited Polyco Group and East Asia University of Technology on 19th Apr. Both sides have exchanged views on the opportunities for cooperation development in two key areas: training and scientific research; associating training by enterprise, developing scientific research application to meet the industrial revolution integration 4.0.

CMC Group with the representative of Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong – General Director of CMC Software Solutions Company Limited; Director of CMC Institute for Applied Technology Research; Member of the Board of Directors of CMC Corporation. East Asia University of Technology  with representative of  Dr. Dinh Van Thanh – Vice Rector, Dr. Dinh Phuong Thao – Vice Rector and representatives of departments.

Hợp tác giáo dục: POLYCO - EAUT - CMC Hội nhập Công nghiệp 4.0

Educational Cooperation: POLYCO – EAUT – CMC Industry Integration 4.0

CMC Group is one of the leading technology groups in Vietnam with 23 years of construction and development. Key business activities include: System Integration, Software Services, Telecommunications – Internet and Manufacturing – Distribution of ICT products. In Vietnam, CMC Corporation is known as the ideal working place for young people studying IT.

Ngành Công nghệ thông tin chuẩn ITPEC Nhật Bản là thế mạnh đào tạo của EAUT.

Information Technology following Japanese ITPEC standard is the training strength of EAUT.

East Asia University of Technology is currently training 10 majors which are pioneers of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. One of the key training disciplines of East Asia University of Technology is Information Technology. The University has deployed Information Technology major by Japanese Information Technology Standard (ITPEC). In combination with training, “Applied – Technology University” model – “University – Enterprise” at the university is contributing to create many opportunities to experience the reality, increase the output of students.

With the common points in the field of information technology, POLYCO – EAUT – CMC discuss about future development cooperation opportunities. It focuses on two major issues: training and scientific research with emphasis on addressable training and scientific research that bring great practical value.

Accordingly, East Asia University of Technology and CMC Group will jointly agree on cooperation programs on training and scientific research such as organizing for students of Faculty of Information Technology to participate in training programs Power from CMC Soft and CMC Global; Enhancing the opportunities for practicing internships and jobs for students while they are still at the University.

Students of East Asia University of Technology in general, IT students in particular will have more opportunities to experience from the first year at the University in large corporations such as CMC. In addition, excellent students who study in Information Technology at East Asia University of Technology will have the opportunity to study, improve or qualify for employment positions within the Group.

Hợp tác Polyco-EAUT-CMC tạo thêm cơ hội thực tập thực tế cho sinh viên EAUT.

Polyco-EAUT-CMC offers more practical training opportunities for EAUT students.

This cooperation implementation is a great significance to help the university following the practice to train and recruit qualified human resources to meet the requirements of work, integrate the Industrial Revolution 4.0