Successful cooperation between Polyco Group – AUS – Rockwell Automation within the project of USAID BUILD-IT

BUILD – IT (BUILD – IT) is a project that links universities and industry through innovation and technology. The project is funded by USAID and coordinated by Arizona State University. Towards the introduction of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) education into the technical education program at universities in Vietnam, the project aims to develop, Painting for students through projects implemented on the basis of industrial solutions.
If Rockwell Automation is the leader in automation solutions, the POLYCO Group has 20 years of experience in systems integration and general contracting for large projects in the beverage and food technology. As a longtime partner in real estate projects, BUILD – IT, POLYCO and Rockwell Automation are sponsors and offers 30 sets of integrated automation and IT features. for the competition of university students.

Các kỹ thuật viên Polyco thực hiện kiểm tra kỹ thuật trước khi bàn giao 30 bộ kit
Polyco technicians perform a technical test before handing over 30 sets

When using this kit, learners are provided with basic knowledge of PLC programming in general and the Rockwell Micro800® PLC line in particular, based on the Connected Components Workbench software. Target students are universities in the territory of Vietnam, giving students the opportunity to access and practice on the system of visual and lively. This is also the foundation for students to continue to research and develop programming skills on logic controllers. POLYCO will also train and train instructors and students to use the kit.

Tham gia quá trình kiểm tra kỹ thuật còn có các sinh viên khối ngành kỹ thuật Đại học Công nghệ Đông Á
Participants in the technical inspection process also have students in the technical field of East Asia University of Technology

This is an excellent opportunity for students to access the STEM and experience the creative process of designing a true automation system, including engine, sensor, actuator, inverter. , PLC and HMI with short learning duration. The competition will also award awards and recognition from Rockwell Automation and its partners.

Hoàn thiện 30 bộ kit hỗ trợ cuộc thi
Complete 30 sets of support kit

Participation in this competition will also enhance the prestige of the participating universities; Creating favorable conditions for students after graduation.
More about the Contest:
Institutional round
The top three teams of each school will receive an education scholarship of 1,000,000 VND / student.
Last round
The final two teams will receive scholarships and a trip to Singapore to visit the Rockwell Group and additional training in the Connected Business.