The milk factory project

Project: The milk factory project
Date: 03, 2024
Project type: Milk
Category: Total

POLYCO – Proudly owning a team of highly skilled professionals, workers, and top experts in the field of research, design, and manufacturing of food processing equipment. Polyco constantly develops and innovates machinery, automation in food processing plants, and production lines for products such as milk, wine, beer, and soft drinks.

Some of the milk plant projects designed, manufactured, installed, and technically advised by POLYCO include:

  • Mega Milk Plant – Vinamilk
  • Dielac Milk Plant – Vinamilk
  • Hanoi Milk Plant
  • Truong Tho Milk Plant – Vinamilk
  • Thong Nhat Milk Plant – Vinamilk
  • Saigon Milk Plant
  • Danang Milk Plant – Vinamilk
  • International Milk Corporation

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