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The lauter tun is a crucial piece of equipment in the industrial brewery production system designed and manufactured by POLYCO. The lauter tun is likened to the “heart” of the industrial brewery. It can be said that the final quality of the beer depends on the operational efficiency of the lauter tun. This industrial equipment, designed by POLYCO, is modern and professional, providing the highest and most optimized filtration capacity.

1. Structural features

Beer filtration is one of the critical stages that determine the flavor of the finished beer. After the mashing and saccharification process, the wort is pumped into the lauter tun, where the separation of liquid and spent grains occurs. With advanced technology and modern equipment, the lauter tun manufactured and assembled by Polyco ensures the best quality of filtered liquid and the highest filtration efficiency.

  • General requirements:

Filtration capacity: minimum 8 batches/day. Residual sugar content in spent grains: 1 – 1.5o Plato. Equipped with spent grain chamber and equipment for transporting spent grains by screw pump to the spent grain silo. Control equipment for liquid level. Sample taking table for wort. Lauter tun in the Industrial Brewery Equipment System

2. Main equipment Technical requirements

The tun is manufactured by POLYCO, using 304/304L-2B stainless steel according to stainless steel manufacturing standards. It has a cylindrical body, conical lid, and flat bottom, with a dynamic stirring blade assembly for spent grain agitation driven by an integrated gearbox motor with variable frequency control. The entire structure of the tun is welded using Argon. Internal welds are ground flat and polished to ensure a smooth surface with Ra ≤ 1.25 mm. The cylindrical body is insulated with 100mm thick fiberglass.

Total capacity up to shoulder: 83 m3.

  • Body of the tun:

Cylinder diameter: 7,400 mm

Cylinder height: 2,000 mm

Body thickness: 5mmx1500mm + 6mmx500mm

  • Lid of the tun:

Lid diameter: 7,400 mm Lid thickness: 5 mm Cone angle at the top: 130o

A light is installed on top of the tun for internal illumination (24VAC-100W). The light casing can be detached from the outside, with a light box diameter of DN270 and a CIP process indicator light. The light switch box is made of stainless steel 304, with light switch and lock switch for safety, including insulation protection pipes.

The sanitary door is made of stainless steel 304 with an observation glass for the mashing process and equipped with a door open/close position sensor connected to the central control system to ensure safety for operators while the system is in operation. The lid is welded to the body of the tun.

The steam outlet pipe is installed at the top of the tun from the lid to the workshop roof, including pipe sections, brackets, rain covers, ventilation, and insect screens. The visible part of the pipe is smoothed:

Diameter: f400mm Thickness: 2 mm Length: 6,000 mm Material: S304.

The tun body is insulated with 100mm thick fiberglass, outer insulation wrapped with 3mm thick stainless steel 304 above the floor, and 0.8mm thick stainless steel 304 below the floor.

  • Bottom of the tun:

Flat bottom made of stainless steel 304, welded with body. Bottom material thickness: 10mm Equipped with DN32 discharge valve and a closed-loop DN100 pipe for liquid discharge, flange connections for spent grain discharge door, connections for wort feeding system, and weld holes for spray nozzles. Reinforcement for the bottom made of SS400 steel, I-beam supports under the tun bottom along with all necessary connecting materials.

  • Water and CIP supply system:

1 Stainless steel tun cleaning system consisting of: spray balls, connecting materials, and tight fittings for CIP and water: 2×20 m3/h, 2.5 bar used for tun cleaning; 1×5 m3/h, 2.5 bar used for door cleaning. 1 CIP filter system DN50 stainless steel mesh, including: swirl nozzles, 01 closed-loop DN50 pipe with connecting pipes to spray nozzles for filter cleaning.

  • Filter mesh:

EU-origin stainless steel 304 construction, large diameter f7,198mm; with circular distribution grooves, composed of assembled plates including false bottom support bars and 20mm high spacer pads, along with assembly and fastening materials, the mesh is mounted on a liftable shaft for easy cleaning. Slot size: 0.7 mm.

  • Support legs:

Concrete cylindrical leg: 4 vertical concrete cylindrical legs supporting I & H beams under the tun bottom along with all necessary connecting materials.

  • Air-free filtration system:

Connected through the following devices:

DN150 cylindrical free-air tank 1000mm high equipped with DN100 sight glass and DN25 air vent pipe at the false bottom level. 1 continuous capacitance sensor for continuous liquid level measurement in the free-air tank, ensuring the filtration process is volume-controlled, with settings and display of liquid volume in the tank. 1 frequency converter receiving signals from the level sensor device and controlling the filtration pump; with control and speed setting display; 4-20mA output signal. The liquid level control device is installed at the outlet of the filtration pump, using the orthogonal beam method to control the output signal 4-20mA to the PLC to control circulation valve, transfer valve, and filtration pump, ensuring the quality of wort sent to the Houblon boiling process. Wort sampling table with 01 sight glass on the sampling table.

  • Various types of fluid route valves, water, CIP supply & return:

01 DN100 flowmeter: E+H/ Siemens; Digital display screen with volume and flow rate; 24VDC operating voltage; 4-20mA output signal and 01 relay output; adjustment button; flange-mounted assembly; display and liquid volume with reset button used for monitoring and determining the volume of wort for each filtration batch. Stainless steel compressed air control valve DN15

  • Water rinsing system
  • Filtration pump and accessories
  • Pump capacity matching the brewery capacity:

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval / KPA – EU Flow rate: 50 m3/h. Head: 15mH2O. Voltage: 380V/3Ph/50Hz. Power: 5.5 kW. Material: all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel 316. Protection class: IP54 The pump has a water-cooled shaft seal assembly. Pump and motor are mounted on stainless steel legs. Automatic flow control of the pump using a frequency converter.

  • Spent grain discharge system

Special DN600 door for spent grain discharge, with electric drive, stainless steel door blade, manufactured by POLYCO. 1 drive motor to operate the spent grain discharge door 0.75kW, valve does not perform open mode when the tun is filtering. 1 stainless steel DN304L connecting pipe, installed between the spent grain discharge door and the spent grain conveyor belt or silo, including flange connections, equipped with rinsing device and DN80 sampling port. DN150 spent grain discharge pipe made of stainless steel. 1 spent grain collection tank under the tun: made of SS304 material; 20m3 volume, including a screw conveyor and spent grain pump: Screw pump for spent grain, motor HGT (power 7.5 kW) Motor/ HGT: Sew/ Flender/ Nord Compressed air supply line DN32

  • Spent grain stirring system

1 stainless steel 304 stirring system, with symmetrical scraper blade support evenly spaced, the cutting blades during the cutting process will move along concentric circles not overlapping each other to ensure uniform cutting of the grain layer.

The cutting blades are specially designed, with drive shaft and shaft guide, stainless steel 304 casing, fixed scraping blades made of stainless steel 304, (including straight and zigzag scraping blades with soles) scraping plates for scraping the grain layer out of the door, 2 mechanically controlled grain scraping blades with automatic lift and rotation control mechanism for separation and scraping of filter grain.

1 stainless steel 304L distribution system, mounted on the scraping system, for filtering, distributing cloudy wort and spent grains.

Number of scraping blades: 4.

Gearbox for the tun includes:

Integrated gearbox motor (IP54 protection level):

  • Motor power: 11kW, insulation class F
  • Cutting speed: 0.5-1 revolution/minute.
  • Scraping speed: 4-9 revolutions/minute.
  • Controlled speed by frequency converter, adjustable rotational speed.

Integrated lift gearbox motor (IP54 protection level):

Motor power: 3kW, insulation class F 01 gearbox support set, smoothed and painted, with sliding guides. Equipped with 04 limit switches to detect the position of the stirring blade during lifting and lowering. The filtration process is automated through the central control system. Temperature and pressure sensors send signals to the PLC to control the filtration process.

  • Insulation above the floor:
  • Stainless steel 304 cladding ring 3mm thick
  • Process pipe accessories; Tees; suitable shut-off valves.

POLYCO – Proud to own a team of skilled technicians, workers, and top experts in the field of research, design, and manufacturing of food processing equipment. Polyco is always developing and improving machinery, automation in manufacturing plants, notably in the beer production industry.

The above are details about the lauter tun in the Industrial Brewery Equipment System. It is hoped that this information will be useful in understanding the design and structure of the lauter tun product produced by the POLYCO Group.

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