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The rice cooker is a vital component in the industrial brewery production line, performing the crucial process of gelatinization, a pivotal stage in the beer production cycle. Designed and manufactured with modern technology by POLYCO, the rice cooker equipment ensures quality, energy efficiency, and time-saving production for brewery operations. Let’s explore the construction of the rice cooker equipment in detail below.

1. Structural Characteristics

After being finely ground, rice undergoes gelatinization before going through the mashing process. The purpose of gelatinization is to use high temperature to cook rice starch and utilize the enzymatic activity of malt enzymes to hydrolyze the complex molecules in rice, breaking down the starch cell walls and dissolving them in water to form a sugar solution. Different types of rice may require different gelatinization regimes.

Utilizing modern technology, POLYCO’s rice cooker equipment is designed to meet standards, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and energy-saving for producers.

2. Key Equipment

  • The cooker is made of 304L/304-2B stainless steel according to the manufacturer’s standards. It has a cylindrical body, conical lid, and base, with a dynamic stirrer unit attached to a motor with a gearbox, including a frequency converter for speed control. The entire structure of the cooker’s body, lid, and base is argon-welded. Internal welds are ground flat and polished to ensure a smooth surface (Ra ≤ 1.25 mm). The cylindrical body is insulated.
  • Quantity: 01 cooker
  • Manufacturer: POLYCO
  • Material: 304L/304-2B Stainless Steel
  • Material for thermal jacket and base: 316L stainless steel
  • Total volume capacity: 23.4 m3
  • Cooker Body:
    • Diameter: 3,500 mm
    • Height: 2,250 mm
    • Body thickness: x 750mm + 5mm x 1500mm
    • Base reinforcement: 5mmx350 (reinforcement at the bottom of the cooker)
  • Cooker Lid:
    • Lid thickness: 4 mm
    • Cone angle at the top: 130o
  • The cooker lid is equipped with a 24VAC-100W lighting fixture. The light housing can be removed from the outside, with a light box diameter of DN270 and a CIP process indicator light. The light switch box is made of stainless steel 304, with lighting and lock switches, including insulated protection tubes.
  • Stainless steel hygiene door with observation window for the cooking process and equipped with a door open/close position sensor connected to the central control system to ensure operator safety during operation. The lid is welded to the cooker body.
  • Steam exhaust pipe installed at the top of the cooker from the lid to the workshop roof, including pipe sections, supports, rain covers, ventilation, and insect screens. The visible part of the pipe is ground smooth:
    • Diameter: f400mm
    • Thickness: 2 mm
    • Length: 6,000 mm
    • Material: Stainless Steel 304.
  • Cooker Base:
    • Base thickness: 5 mm
    • Cone angle at the bottom: 144o
    • Material: Stainless Steel 316L-2B.

The lower part of the cooker base is designed as a high cylindrical tube with a diameter of 420mm for convenient installation of level sensors and shifting.

Cooker bottom flange DN420 made of stainless steel 304 with a gearbox connected directly to the cooker bottom, including DN125 discharge pipe.

Insulation of the cooker body and bottom with 100mm thick fiberglass, wrapped with 3mm thick stainless steel 304-2B on the outside for the upper part of the body, from the floor downwards, and the bottom is made of 0.8mm thick stainless steel 304. The thermal chamber is made of 3 mm thick stainless steel 316L distributed at the cooker body bottom.

  • Upper floor hoop made of 3mm thick stainless steel 304
  • Heating rate 75oC – 100oC, average 1.3oC/min;
  • Equipped with temperature recording and control devices.
  • Total heat exchange area: ~17.9 m2
  • Working pressure: 4 bar.
  • Test pressure: 6 bar.

Heating surfaces are welded with heating channels.

The stirrer ensures gentle, uniform mixing and even distribution of heat.

Support legs: S304 stainless steel cooker legs with a diameter of f273mm. Includes: 4 standing leg posts with f273mm, along with all necessary connecting materials to be directly mounted on the concrete base, f500 base plate, 10mm thick.

Stainless steel wash equipment, including: 04 spray balls, connecting materials, and convenient fastening for CIP and water supply. 01 ball with a capacity of 22m3/h; 2.5 bar for cleaning the cooker. 03 balls with a capacity of 5m3/h; 2.5 bar for cleaning the hygiene door, steam outlet pipe, and feeding door.

Stirrer made of stainless steel 304, with a seal-packed block according to food standards.

Direct drive system with flange connection, motor power: 5.5 kW; drive speed 1,450 rpm, stirring speed about 25 rpm, IP54 protection system, F insulation grade. Equipped with a speed control frequency converter. Gearbox motor: Nord/ SEW/ Siemens.

3. Supplementary Accessories for the Rice Cooker

  • Waterway valve imported from Germany and assembled according to standards.
  • A mixer for mixing rice flour with water to prevent clumping during loading into the cooker.
  • Pumps and necessary motors.

POLYCO – Proud to possess a team of highly skilled staff, workers, and leading experts in the field of research, design, and manufacturing of food processing equipment. Polyco continually develops and automates machinery in manufacturing plants, notably in the beer production industry.

The above information details the rice cooker equipment in the Industrial Brewery Cooking Equipment System, and it is hoped that this will provide useful insights into the design and construction of the rice cooker equipment produced by POLYCO.

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