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The Malt Cooker in the industrial brewery production system at POLYCO is designed to meet international standards for modern industrial breweries. Explore the construction of the industrial malt cooker in the article below, highlighting the designed advantages and latest technological improvements.

After malt is processed and introduced into the equipment, the malt cooker serves the purpose of cooking and producing wort, which plays a crucial role in the beer production process. With advanced technology and modern equipment, the industrial malt cooker manufactured by Polyco is designed to standard, enhancing efficiency and maximizing energy savings for industrial beer producers.

1. Main equipment

The malt cooker is manufactured by POLYCO, constructed with 304L/304-2B stainless steel materials according to stainless steel manufacturing standards. It features a cylindrical body, conical lid, and bottom, with a stirring blade assembly driven by an integrated gearbox motor, and a frequency converter for speed control. The entire structure of the body, lid, and bottom of the cooker is welded using Argon. The internal welds are flat ground and polished to ensure a smooth surface finish of Ra ≤ 1.25 mm. The cylindrical body is insulated.

  • Material for thermal jacket and bottom: stainless steel 316L
  • Total capacity up to shoulder: 49.5 m3.

Malt Cooker in the Industrial Brewery System

  • Body of the cooker:
    • Diameter of the cylinder: 4,780 mm
    • Height of the cylinder: 2,500 mm
    • Thickness of the body: 5mmx1,500mm + 4 mm x 1,000mm
    • Reinforced bottom of the cooker: 6mmx500 (reinforced part at the bottom of the cooker)
  • Lid of the cooker:
    • Thickness of the lid: 4 mm
    • Cone angle at the top: 130o

A light is installed inside the cooker lid for illumination. The light casing can be detached from the outside, with a light box diameter of DN270 and a CIP process indicator light. The light switch box is made of stainless steel 304, with light switch and lock switch for safety, including insulation protection pipes.

The sanitary door is made of stainless steel 304 with an observation glass for the cooking process and equipped with a door open/close position sensor connected to the central control system to ensure safety for operators while the system is in operation. The lid is welded to the body of the cooker, with insulation layer on top.

The steam outlet pipe is installed at the top of the cooker from the lid to the workshop roof, including pipe sections, brackets, rain covers, ventilation, and insect screens. The visible part of the pipe is smoothed:

  • Diameter: f400mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Length: 6,000 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel 304L.
  • Bottom of the cooker:
    • Thickness of the bottom: 5mm
    • Cone angle at the bottom: 144o
    • Material: Stainless steel 316L.

The lower part of the cooker bottom is designed as a 300mm high cylindrical tube with a diameter of 380mm for convenient installation of level sensors and displacement.

Bottom flange DN420 made of stainless steel 304 with integrated gearbox motor and reducer with cooker bottom, with a discharge pipe DN200.

The body and bottom of the cooker are insulated with 100mm thick fiberglass, outer insulation wrapped with 3mm thick stainless steel 304-2B for the upper cylindrical body part above the floor, from the floor down to the bottom, and bottom made of 0.8mm thick stainless steel 304. The heat chamber is made of stainless steel 316L distributed in the body and bottom of the cooker.

The upper rim on the floor is made of 3mm thick stainless steel 304L Heating rate: 65oC 75 oC, Average 1.0 oC/minute; Equipped with temperature recording and adjustment devices during the cooking process. Total heat exchange area: ~25 m2

  • Working pressure: 4 bar.
  • Testing pressure: 6 bar.
  • Heating surfaces are welded with heating channels.

The stirring blades ensure gentle and uniform mixing, and ensure even heat distribution.

Support legs: Cooker legs made of S304 stainless steel with a diameter of f273mm. Including: 4 vertical support legs with a diameter of f273mm along with all necessary connecting materials for direct attachment to concrete foundation, cooker leg support plate f500, 10mm thick.

Stainless steel washing equipment, including: 03 spray balls, connecting materials, and tight fittings for convenient CIP and water supply. 01 spray ball with a capacity of 36m3/h; 2.5 bar used for cleaning the cooker. 02 spray balls with a capacity of 5m3/h; 2.5 bar used for cleaning sanitary doors and steam discharge pipes.

Stirring blades made of stainless steel 304, with shaft end blocking assembly with food grade gaskets.

Straight drive transmission with flange connection Power: 7.5 kW; Drive speed 1,450 rpm, stirring speed about 25 rpm. IP54 protection system, Insulation class F. Stirring motor with speed control frequency converter.

2. Malt cooker accessories

Various types of water, CIP, and common fluid route valves for rice cooker; Various types of steam route valves for malt cooker; Pumps from malt cooker to filtration cooker and accessories; Pumps from CIP back to malt cooker and rice cooker.

POLYCO – Proud to own a team of highly skilled officers, workers, and top experts in the industry for researching, designing, and manufacturing food processing equipment systems. Polyco is always developing and improving machinery, automation in manufacturing plants, notably in the beer production industry.

Above are the details about the Malt Cooker in the Industrial Brewery Cooking Equipment System. It is hoped that this information will be useful in understanding the design and structure of the industrial Malt Cooker equipment manufactured by the POLYCO Group.

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